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Fresh flowers delivery for all occasions

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    Delivering flowers to bloom every occasion that makes your celebration luxurious, and sweeter than words.

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    Weddings & Events

    Wedding a union of two hearts, that will start a new life together. Make it a beautiful fragrant memory with our delightful flower décor.

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    Helping you make an outstanding first impression of your business with our floral designs to create stunning arrangements for any event.

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    Our Story

    Everything started with a simple gift. Hadi Mzayek offered a plant to his wife Melvina for their wedding anniversary. It was the trigger.

Shakespeare In Love

Shakespeare in Love

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak

Recently Added

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  1. Jumble of Joy
    Jumble of Joy
    As low as AED300
  2. Burgeon Beauty
    Burgeon Beauty
    As low as AED300
  3. Bewitched By Beauty
    Bewitched By Beauty
    As low as AED700
  4. Blissful Encounter
    Blissful Encounter
    As low as AED350
  5. Fire & Ice
    Fire & Ice
    As low as AED350
  6. One True Love
    One True Love
    As low as AED350
  7. Treasured Moments
    Treasured Moments
    As low as AED2000
  8. Twin Flame
    Twin Flame
    As low as AED2000
  9. Always My Darling
    Always My Darling
    As low as AED300
  10. Charming By Design
    Charming By Design
    As low as AED300
  11. Dear Tomorrow
    Dear Tomorrow
    As low as AED300
  12. Serene White
    Serene White
    As low as AED300
  13. Kissed By Sunshine
    Kissed By Sunshine
    As low as AED300
  14. Enchanting Cluster
    Enchanting Cluster
    As low as AED1000

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"I'm very happy and very confident with your service and will consider to ordering again to your shop in the coming occasions"
"The bouquet was beautiful and the arrangement was really nice"

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