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Trippin' Stripes
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Trippin' Stripes



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Product Description

Feeling blue? Why not cheer yourself up with a perfectly symmetrical piece of nature from Alissar? Whether it’s you that needs the boost or a close friend; flowers have the ability to transform an entire mood. It’s a change of scenery that you can place right in your living room for all to see and enjoy. You can even spruce up your dining room with the Trippin’Stripes as your centrepiece. Don’t get someone a gift they will soon forget the next day, the great thing about a flower box is they get to keep it for weeks! Every time they walk past the gorgeous arrangement, their hearts will smile and they will remember that you got it for them. Be the friend that brings their loved ones pieces of nature instead of material things, because the latter is easily replaceable while flowers are always welcome – especially when designed in a special and artistic way.

We guarantee that your specific arrangement will be fresh, beautiful, and that your recipient will love it! Specific colors and varieties may vary due to seasonality and availability.

Additional Info

  • Color : Red, Green


Anniversary, Birthday, Congratulations, Corporate Gifts, Just Because, Love & Romance, Thank You, Thinking of You
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