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Dazzle in White
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Dazzle in White



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These white florals placed elegantly and classically in a Plexi box mixed with touches of greenery works perfectly for a birthday, graduation, wedding, anniversary, work promotion, and more. They even act as the perfect apology gift for someone you want to reach out to when you want to say sorry. If you’re stuck at work or out of town, it doesn’t get easier than going on Alissar’s website and picking out the ideal flower arrangement from our extensive collection. Pick the bouquet that speaks out to you and suits the recipient’s personality. Dazzle in White is made up of white flowers, which actually represents humility, purity, and innocence.An elegant and refined choice for a gift to commemorate a special occasion or milestone is within the Dazzle in White box; make a difference in someone’s week through our reliable and efficient flower delivery service.

We guarantee that your specific arrangement will be fresh, beautiful, and that your recipient will love it! Specific colors and varieties may vary due to seasonality and availability.

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  • Color : White


Congratulations, Get Well Soon, House Warming, I'm Sorry
Due to Valentine Price of Products will be higher for delivery date between
11 - 14th Feb