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About Alissar Flowers


With an appreciation of floral beauty and a keen sense for design, we craft stories and experiences with flowers that bring people closer together.

Alissar’s own story started many moons ago in Amman, Jordan. From unique floral arrangements to bringing fairytale weddings to life, Alissar became the vanguard of extravagance. Our ability to transform a concept to reality has set us apart in the world of events; especially because of the delicate balance we maintained between design and execution - where every detail is pre-designed and deliberate.

The originality behind our floral masterpieces has elevated human experiences and glorified ambiences. Subtle decorative touches on a bouquet work together with opulent florals to create works of art; born from an ingrained longing to dazzle. Hotel installations are another channel to exercise our imagination; there’s an architectural complexity to the design process that leaves audiences in awe.

Alissar continued to grow since its inception in 1979 as a retail store and soon entered the world of weddings and events. The expansion was prosperous due to the acclaimed Alissar arrangements, punctual and organized scheduling, and ultimately, majestic execution. This led to the creation of “Weddings and Events”, a department regularly growing to keep up with the times and trends.

Continuous evolution is an evident distinctive facet of Alissar’s character. As the expertise and craftsmanship flourished, its versatility and reputation grew in tandem, and it was not long until Alissar’s services permeated the hospitality world, offering total floral solutions. This brought a sub-brand to a life committed to creating warm and inviting environments in the business world: “Hotels & Corporate”.

Today, the seeds of the flower family continue to sprout in the fields of floriculture, with our eyes looking toward a future where we continue bringing people closer to one another and breathing life to their surroundings.

Say it with a flower, and grow closer with Alissar.