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  1. Eternal Embrace
    As low as JOD 100
  2. A Thing of Beauty
    JOD 100
  3. Pretty Sweet
    JOD 200
  4. Into the Dusk
    JOD 350
  5. Bubbly
    JOD 100
  6. Box of Sunshine
    As low as JOD 100
  7. Dawn Spectacle
    JOD 193
  8. High Spirits
    JOD 200
  9. Peppy
    As low as JOD 200
  10. Sunshine in my Pocket
    As low as JOD 385
  11. Square Dance
    JOD 400

Our flowers in a box to express different emotions

We’ve all got our own personal stories that we’d want to tell, and when these stories are all about emotions, what better way to express them other than flowers in a box?

That’s how you amplify these emotions elegantly and so effortlessly!