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Emotions in a Box

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  1. 15%
    Leaf Potion Leaf Potion
    Leaf Potion
    Special Price JOD102 Regular Price JOD120
  2. 15%
    Square Dance Square Dance
    Square Dance
    Special Price JOD340 Regular Price JOD400
  3. 15%
    Box of Sunshine Box of Sunshine
    Box of Sunshine
    As low as JOD85
  4. 15%
    High Spirits High Spirits
    High Spirits
    Special Price JOD170 Regular Price JOD200
  5. 15%
    Bubbly Bubbly
    Special Price JOD85 Regular Price JOD100
  6. 15%
    Sunshine in my Pocket Sunshine in my Pocket
    Sunshine in my Pocket
    As low as JOD328
  7. 15%
    Peppy Peppy
    As low as JOD170

Our flowers in a box to express different emotions

Nature is continuously surprising us with all the hues and tones it grows. We’ve collected the brightest and most dazzling for the Neon in Nature collection.