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Meet Our CEO- Alissar Mzayek

Driven by her love for life, creativity, and belief of oneness, Alissar Mazayek grew up to be a natural creator. She inherited her passion for floral design from her parents and flowers became her favorite and chosen medium of creation for the longest time.

Her heightened sense for details which she developed from being involved in the family business operation at a young age along with pursuing her degree in interior design enables her to harness design inspirations from anything and everything whether it can be seen or not, the same trait sealed her belief that everything in this world is related, that we are one with nature and everyone is a part of a whole ruled by emotions. These emotions can be expressed in different forms, through colors, with movements, through the texture of different elements, and even by the scent of flowers. “Inspirations are everywhere, you just have to train yourself to see beyond you’re your eyes can perceive.”- She says often to her team in the aim of motivating them to think that there is no box and they are free to unleash their full potentials.

Alissar is the heart and soul of the company, the force that drives the company’s creative aspirations. Her innate artistic sense is the motivation behind distinctive designs that manifest the core values of the company and distinguish it from others. Her innovation leads to the development of signature designs known as Hanging Emotions which are being showcased at the Four Seasons in the MENA region.

Her guidance and empowerment lead to the development of an array of bespoke and intricately crafted pieces reflecting different emotions for our retail and e-commerce platform. She firmly believes that emotions are meant to be expressed and that every emotion is unique for every being. Her concept of Emotions in a box aims to give gifting flowers a whole new meaning, delivering flowers is no longer a must this day and age, but expressing one’s emotion through flowers will never go out of style.

She as a daughter, a sister, a wife, and a mother knows the importance of precious moments with loved ones and is always honored to be part of our clients and guests journey by making their special day memorable with exceptional venue designs that speak not only of elegance but of our client’s vision of their perfect moments.