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Alissar Flowers Refund & Cancelation Policy

Refund policy

Depending upon the whole situation, Alissar Flowers may refund the total price of the product or can advise some other solution for the same. Like, resending the same product again or resending a different product that has the same value to the client. In addition to that, as you know that we are working on the fresh product so it will be our complete discretion which solution will suit and will be applicable.

Apart from that, in the case of refund policy, we try to solve this case within one working day. If you want any further information, you are free to contact Alissar Flowers via email.


Alissar Flowers guarantees 100% satisfaction to their elite clients making every service and product of world-class quality. Still, due to some reason, if you want to cancel your order, you have to contact us as soon as possible via our official email address. Moreover, if the requested order is not taken into production and not dispatched, we can cancel the order and deliver you a refund where applicable.

But once the order is out from our company for delivery and still not reached you, we can contact the driver to cancel the order. In this case, we cannot provide you with a refund of the product just because of the vulnerability and quality of the fresh produce used. Furthermore, you can cancel your order by visiting order section in your account which you have made with user id and password.