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Privacy Policy

Alissar flowers privacy policy

We at Alissar flowers are highly committed to ensuring the privacy in the form of information of our esteemed customers. We fully understand that the clients or visitors who come to our website for buying flowers, their privacy, and the security of their information is very essential to them. However, the main aim of our privacy policy is to outline the Alissar Flowers practices in the area.

Note down that the privacy policy is subject to the terms and conditions according to the Alissar Flowers.

Alissar Flowers highly recommend that before proceeding for any of the registration parts or before entering any of your information, read out the terms and conditions of use. Moreover, if any conflict occurs in between the terms and conditions and privacy policy, then, in this case, the terms and conditions of use will prevail.

Furthermore, the privacy policy of Alissar Flowers can change anytime without any notice, from time to time. Apart from that, Alissar Flowers values the privacy of the clients and is highly committed to ensuring that any small data of yours will remain confidential. The main motive of taking the information of the customers by Alissar Flowers is to offer world-class services and products.

Information that we collect

As you browse the online website of Alissar Flowers, the web server only takes the data about your visit, not about you. Our main aim is to gather and easily monitor statistics like,

  • Total number of people visiting the website
  • Proper date and time of every visit
  • Total number of pages viewed on the site
  • The total amount of time spent on the site
  • To configure which section of the site is most famous among the visitors

However, all this information above is anonyms, and we don't try to identify people via this. For instance, if on a particular day a thousand people have visited our website, we don't ask any of them for any type of information like an email address or their name.

Furthermore, if the client needs any product or service from us, then only we ask them for their personal information like the name of the applicant, full address, email address, etc.

All the information that you deliver us will be treated confidentially according to all applicable legislative and regulatory standards. On the other hand, if any time you feel that you no longer want to take our product or service or want to revise your information, you can contact us any time; we are always ready to help you. We promise that we amend all personal details of yours according to the applicable legislative and regulatory requirements.

In addition to that, any credit or debit card information will not be shared, rented, leased to any of the third party. Alissar Flowers has full right to change the terms and conditions and privacy policy anytime in order to meet the requirements and standards. That's why it is recommended that clients should time to time to get updated. And any type of modifications will be active on the day it is published.

When it comes to the advertisements that the third party publishes on our site, they are only selected and advertised by them only. And these third parties may take your personal information on our website or any other location through cookies, web bacons, and various other technologies. And whatever information you give to this third party will be at your own risk. This means we don't have any right to interfere in their work.

Terms and conditions
  • Any dispute raised by the client in connection of this website in regards to working or fraud will be governed and constructed under the laws of UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, and Qatar.
  • The individuals under the age of 18 years are prohibited from registering on the site, and they are strictly not allowed to transact or use the Alissar Flowers website.
  • If you make any type of payment online on our website for taking any product or service, then it is fully secured.
  • On the other hand, the cardholder must retain a transaction copy and also merchant policy and rules under this category.

Some of the pages of Alissar Flowers may contain some hyperlinks of another website. If you found such hyperlinks and visit those links, then their terms and conditions will not change as Alissar Flowers.

Contact information

Questions regarding terms and conditions and, most essentially, privacy policy, will be sent to our official email address. We are ready to help you out in the best possible way.

Finally, being a member of Alissar Flowers will make you proud in all aspects. You can visit our office personally anytime during office hours and can contact via phone or email address. On the other hand, if you think that you could assist us improve on any of our products or services, then your precious ideas are welcome by Alissar Flowers.